Heart-Centered healing services to help you move forward in life.

Distance Shamanic Healing Session
90 minutes, $165

Ready to continue your healing journey and address the areas of your life that may need attention? In a healing session, all you have to do is to relax and open yourself to the guidance of Spirit. Even when conducted remotely, Bri focuses on restoring balance and healing by eliminating blockages, aligning stagnant energy, and potentially calling home lost soul essences. The areas covered in these sessions may include shamanic divination, power animal retrieval, soul remembering and retrieval, energy extraction, and ancestral healing.

With the assistance of compassionate helping spirits, Bri engages in a diagnostic journey to receive guidance on the most beneficial healing method for your highest good, addressing the specific issue at hand. After this, a discussion ensues regarding the prescribed healing, ensuring you are settled and comfortable before the commencement of the healing work.

Following the completion of the healing session, there will be an in-depth discussion about the experiences and insights gained during the healing process. Bri will elaborate on the healing work performed and guide you on integrating this newfound healing into your everyday life. The session allows ample time for questions, sharing thoughts, and delving deeper into the matter at hand.

Distance Crystal Healing Session
60 min, $95; 30 min, $48

The goal of a crystal healing session may vary depending on the needs and goals of the individual. The focus of our time together may include realignment of your energetic frequency through chakra rebalancing and/or the removal of any energetic or emotional imbalances or blocks allowing for deep healing and growth by realigning your energetic frequency.    

A distance Crystal Healing session is just as impactful and healing as an in-person session.  Crystals and minerals have the ability to transform and entrain energy assisting us in adjusting our energetic frequencies making space for healing to occur on a physical and emotional level outside of space and time.  

Personal Divination Readings
30 min, general reading $55

Divination through Tarot has been a passion for Bri for over 30 years, and she is eager to offer you an opportunity to gain intuitive insights into life’s inquiries through a personalized reading. Drawing from an extensive collection of decks, she will select a deck that aligns with the nature of your questions. Your reading will be centered around three questions or concerns you wish to explore. The results will be delivered in the form of an audio file along with images of your cards, and you can expect to receive them within three to five business days from the date your session is booked.