Bri Andreoni

Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher
Certified Crystal Practitioner®
Advanced Crystal Master®

Bri’s initiation into the world of shamanism was profoundly shaped by her upbringing amidst diverse cultures abroad. In the throes of modern life’s demands, she grappled with a sense of dis-ease, seeking refuge and restoration through the ancient wisdom of shamanic practices. Her foray into core shamanism commenced in 2013, marked by a nine-month intensive study under the tutelage of Dr. Steve Serr. Eager to delve even deeper into this transformative realm, Bri committed herself to a year-long apprenticeship guided by the revered Master Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Dory Cote, in 2017. Her dedication persisted, she extended her studies with Dory for an additional four years and culminating in the completion of her Shamanic Teacher Training in December 2021.

Today, Bri extends her expertise to others through one-on-one healing sessions, workshops, and courses. Drawing on her proficiency in Tarot reading, she often integrates divination into her shamanic healing sessions, offering a holistic approach to well-being. In 2022, Bri expanded her healing repertoire by earning certifications as a Certified Crystal Practitioner® and Advanced Crystal Master® through the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, showcasing her commitment to continual growth and comprehensive healing practices.

“I work with clients from all over the country, providing distance healing and divination sessions. The healing work I do has two clear objectives: heart-centered healing and personal re-empowerment. We all have fears, limiting belief systems, health and relationship issues, and sometimes a disconnect with Spirit. Shamanic healing can support us as we make our journey back to a state of wholeness.”  -Bri