Terms of Service: 

The mission of Briana “Bri” Andreoni and Treeheart Healing is to empower clients to advance in their journey toward spiritual growth and healing and to help them gain an understanding of their role in the co-creation of their life.  The services she provides are not a replacement for medical, mental health care, or other medical advice. 

Briana “Bri” Andreoni & Treeheart Healing adhere to the following:

  • I will not share your personal information or anything you discuss in your sessions.
  • I will not perform services on behalf of anyone other than the client or in the spirit of harming another individual.
  • Healing work and ceremonies done through Treeheart Healing will only be done in the spirit of growth, healing, and the highest and best good for all involved. 
  • Clients will never be turned away due to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. All are welcome. 
  • Minors must have parental consent to receive services.
  • Clients who become dependent on my Tarot or divinatory services may be banned or placed on a 30-day hold if I believe the client’s use of services is no longer in their best interest.
  • Payment for all services is due within 24 hours of receipt of invoice and are to be paid prior to the work being done.
  • If you miss your scheduled appointment and don’t contact me within at least 8 hours prior to your appointment time the fee is non-refundable.  I’m always happy to work with you to reschedule your appointment when needed as long as sufficient notice is provided.  


Briana “Bri” Andreoni is not a licensed medical doctor nor licensed psychologist and does not practice licensed medicine or psychology in any form. She does not attempt to diagnose, treat, or cure medical conditions. Her healing services complement traditional medical and or psychiatric treatments and do not replace them. Healing sessions are meant to address the spiritual level of your situation and help you achieve wholeness in addition to whatever medical treatments your doctor has prescribed.

Please note that all Shamanic healing and energy work and practices, services, products, and any metaphysical terms, definitions, or properties are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and do not imply or promise a guarantee of effect.

If you believe that you are suffering from an illness or health concern or are pregnant, you should consult with your physician. Shamanic Healing practices, services, and information are holistic complementary healthcare practices and should never replace the advice, recommendations, treatment, or prescriptions provided by a licensed healthcare professional.

Briana “Bri” Andreoni and Treeheart Healing make no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the information, content, materials, or services provided by Briana “Bri” Andreoni and Treeheart Healing. Her goal is to access wisdom from Spirit to help you move forward in your life, and do her best to convey this guidance to you during your session, however accuracy of information and consistency of performance cannot be guaranteed.

Disclaimer In regards to Tarot Services:

Tarot Readings are for entertainment purposes only and should never take the place of professional therapy or professional legal, medical, or financial advice.

The purpose of tarot or any divinatory reading is to provide the client with new ideas, perspectives, and inspiration around their issue of inquiry – they are not intended to tell the client what to do.  The client is responsible for making their own choices and decisions.

A tarot professional cannot predict the future with certainty and you should not rely on tarot or divinatory readings to make any decision that would affect your legal, financial, or medical condition.

By viewing this website you agree to fully release, indemnify, and hold harmless, Briana “Bri” Andreoni and Treeheart Healing from any claim or liability whatsoever and for any damage or injury, personal, financial, emotional, psychological, or otherwise, which you may incur arising at any time out of or in relation to your use of the information presented on this web site.

You also agree to contact Briana “Bri” Andreoni and Treeheart Healing via email only for the purposes of inquiring about services, scheduling appointments, and notifying her when you are running late or need to cancel an appointment. You agree not to contact her via email for the purposes of asking questions that would normally be asked during a scheduled appointment, for personal help during an emergency, or for any kind of business solicitation.