What is a healing session like? 

An initial session is 2 hours, conducted either over Zoom or by phone.  We will start with an initial conversation to discuss what areas of healing you want to address and any concerns you may have. Then I do a diagnostic journey to get the “prescription” from spirit so to speak about what healing work would be in your highest and best good around the issue we are working on in our time together.  We will go over what comes up and discuss the healing to be done.  I will then guide you to get comfortable. Your healing will be accompanied by healing music, rattles, or drumming (or silence if you prefer). Then we will have time for you to share your experience, discuss anything that comes up, and any questions or thoughts you may have.

What will I take away? 

Healing work can be a powerful experience. You may feel tired, hungry, or thirsty. More often than not, healing begun in a session spills over into other areas in your life in the days following. I encourage you to practice good self-care for at least 24 hours following a healing session to allow the work to integrate into your energy body.  Rest, hydrate and eat well after any healing work is encouraged. Any questions on physical and emotional shifts you may encounter, I am available to you. On this journey into healing, you’re doing the hard work, integrating and carrying forward the work done as you continue your journey into wholeness.  I’m here to support and guide you during the process and am always available via email if questions or concerns come up after our work together.