What is a healing session like? 

An initial session can last anywhere between 90 and 120 minutes (depending on the work being done) and is conducted over Zoom or by phone. Bri initiates the session with a preliminary discussion, delving into the areas of healing you wish to cover and addressing any concerns you may have. Following this, a diagnostic journey is undertaken to obtain guidance from Bri’s compassionate helping spirits. They will determine the most beneficial healing approach for your highest and best good at the time around the specific issue at hand.

During our time together, we will review the insights gained from the journey and discuss the healing work that will be undertaken. Afterward, Bri will guide you to get comfortable for the healing session, accompanied by soothing music, rattles, drumming, or silence, according to your preference. Following the healing, there will be ample time for you to share your experience, discuss any emerging thoughts or questions, and further explore the matters at hand.

What will I take away? 

Engaging in healing work is a potent experience that may leave you feeling tired, hungry, or thirsty. Typically, the effects of a healing session extend beyond the immediate moment, influencing various aspects of your life in the subsequent days. It is strongly recommended to prioritize self-care for at least 24 hours following a healing session, facilitating the integration of the work into the energy body. Adequate rest, hydration, and nutritious meals are encouraged to support this process. Should you have any inquiries about physical or emotional shifts, Bri remains available for assistance via email.

In this transformative journey towards healing, you actively contribute to the process, carrying forward and integrating the work done as you progress towards wholeness. Bri is steadfast in offering ongoing support and guidance throughout the journey, with a commitment to addressing any questions or concerns that may arise after the session through email correspondence.